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Our goal: To help you save time, money, and aggravation in your home maintenance, repair, and improvement projects.

We think of this website as a place to store data, a resource to help improve your home.

Home repair and maintenance can be costly, monopolize your time, and increase your levels of aggravation.

We produce weekly podcasts, blog posts, and videos providing tips and tricks that can reduce all of these factors.

Save Time

  • Eliminate unnecessary steps
  • Utilize time saving tools and materials
  • Get the job done “right” the first time

Save Money

  • Properly maintain household systems and components
  • Proper selection of tools and materials for the home
  • Purchase materials in the proper quantities

Save Aggravation

  • Helping you efficiently plan your projects
  • Gain the knowledge to “Do It Yourself (DIY)”
  • Tips for Hiring Contractors