Podcast Episodes: Season 1

Episode 1, Season 1:

Who The Heck Are These Guys

In this episode – Your hosts, Larry and John, bring you a candid and enjoyable discussion about their backgrounds, experiences and why they became professional handymen .  They will lay out the ground work for this podcast series.  Topics will include home maintenance and property management skills, do it yourself tips and tricks, and purchasing strategies for real estate investing. September 11, 2019, Duration: 27.22

Episode 2, Season 1

The Uninvited – Screened in Porches, HVAC filtration, Lake Lanier, and Fire Extinguishers

This week the handyman pros discuss screening in a porch, HVAC filtration, Lake Lanier, and fire extinguishers. September 23, 2019, Duration: 32:47

Episode 3, Season 1

Color Your World – Painting and Paint Preparation

This week the handyman pros discuss painting and paint preparation, the paint spinner tool, and taping procedure to prevent paint bleed through. September 30, 2019, Duration: 24:49

Episode 4, Season 1

Dark Side of Wood Rot

This week the Handyman Pros discuss wood rot and wood rot repair, winterizing your home, and a tool segment on small electric blowers. October 7, 2019, Duration: 26:01

Episode 5, Season 1

Slinging mud – Wallboard repairs

This week the handyman pros discuss small drywall repairs, a specialized tool for flooring trim work and a story from the field (John’s house). October 14, 2019, Duration: 31:46

Episode 6, Season 1

Heating and Air – The Hot and the Cold of It!

This week the handyman pros discuss a high level overview of the common Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems found in homes.  What to look for and what to avoid along with actionable tips helping you maintain your HVAC system.  In addition, we reach into the mail bag to answer a question on staining and protecting your deck. October 28, 2019, Duration: 28:05

Episode 7, Season 1

Creep It Real This Halloween

In celebration of Halloween, the handyman pros tell some scary stories from the field.  Bats, rats, electrical and plumbing nightmares. A lighthearted discussion of things to look out for in working on your projects.  Many actionable tips to avoid potential problems. October 28, 2019, Duration: 22:21

Episode 8, Season 1

He Shed, She Shed – Let’s Talk Sheds

Considering a She Shed, a storage shed, or extra space to clean out your garage? This week the handyman pros discuss planning, strategy and the concerns of shed installation. Our actionable quick tip: a technique that helps drive screws into hardwood. The handyman pros also discuss one of their favorite tools, the oscillating multi tool; how it can save you time, energy, and frustration. November 4, 2019, Duration: 34:44

Episode 9, Season 1

Hiring a Handyman

Hiring a handyman?  This week the handyman pros discuss some of the issues involved in hiring a qualified handyman and or contractor.  Our actionable quick tip: Changing the color of your bathroom fixtures from gold to oil rubbed bronze. November 11, 2019, Duration: 29:41

Episode 10, Season 1

Aunt Millie Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Safety Safety Aunt Millie got run over by a reindeer, safety concerns in having guests over for the holidays?  This week the handyman pros discuss safety concerns and maintenance tips around the home.  The handyman pros question of the week: Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV). Tips and tricks on how to identify a faulty PRV, and the implications of ignoring the problem. November 18, 2019, Duration: 31:33

Episode 11, Season 1

Turkey Trot

The Turkey Trot; Having guests over for Thanksgiving?  This week the handyman pros discuss tips and tricks for maintaining your kitchen.  The handyman pros question of the week: Shower head pressure, tips and tricks on how to fix a shower head with poor pressure. November 25, 2019, Duration: 29:59

Episode 12, Season 1

We Could Have Nailed It – But Screw It!

With the holidays coming, and gift ideas, the handyman pros discuss the basic tools that every homeowner needs.  The Handyman Pros Question of the week: considerations for lighting and light bulbs.

Episode 13, Season 1

We could have nailed it, but screw it, more power!  The handyman pros have a continuing discussion about tools with a focus on power tools.  Larry and John discuss their must have power tools that make up a homeowner kit.

Episode 14, Season 1

We could have nailed it, but screw it! We could go on for hours. the handyman pros continue the discussion on tools, this time focusing on more specialty tools that can save time and help speed your project completion times.

Episode 15, Season 1

The handyman pros have a discussion about storage containers and systems.  The Pros review a Bluetooth headset and answer an email question about faucets for DIY and home improvement.

Episode 16, Season 1

Auld Lang Syne.  The handyman pros sing auld lang syne (no not really!) and discuss the year in review, tips on dumpsters and trash, getting rid of paint smells, and fixing scratches in hardwood floors.  The Pros also tease you with some of the exciting new segments that will be coming in season 2.

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