Check for Air Leaks Around Windows

Check for air leaks around windows

The Basic Home Maintenance Series

Want to save some real money on the energy bill? Check for Air Leaks around windows and doors! Make sure your home is shut tight by running a simple finger test.

How often? Every 6 Months

When? Spring and Fall

Estimated Cost? $0.00

Time Commitment? 1 Hour

Take a look at the places in your home where two different materials meet as well as external facing doors and windows. Run your finger across the seals and make sure there are no leaks. Caulking these leaks could save you 5-15% on your heating and cooling costs.

You can even use weather sealing tape around windows instead of caulk, but the finished product will rely heavily on your ability to tape cleanly.

Weather Stripping

Doors and windows typically come with what’s known as weather stripping. These are lengths of rubber or metal that seal gaps, while still allowing the window or door to open and shut properly.

Weather stripping isn’t just for doors and windows. You can also use it in other drafty areas, too, such as around air conditioners and inside-to-outside gaps.

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