Interview with Kyle Cox of

Just a heads up. Our next long show on Feb 22 will feature Kyle Cox, President of (, provider of custom blinds and window treatments. We will be discussing the overall blinds and window covering business and why it is migrating to a DIY market. Our discussion includes products, support, and expertise that Blindster … Read more

How Long Should Your Homes Components Last

What is the Life Expectancy of your homes systems How long will my homes systems last? We have listed out most of your homes components with an estimated time frame for replacement. Foundations You shouldn’t have to worry about your foundation but if you termite and waterproof foundations, expect those things to last around 10 … Read more

Check for Air Leaks Around Windows

Check for air leaks around windows The Basic Home Maintenance Series Want to save some real money on the energy bill? Check for Air Leaks around windows and doors! Make sure your home is shut tight by running a simple finger test. How often? Every 6 Months When? Spring and Fall Estimated Cost? $0.00 Time … Read more