How Long Should Your Homes Components Last

What is the Life Expectancy of your homes systems How long will my homes systems last? We have listed out most of your homes components with an estimated time frame for replacement. Foundations You shouldn’t have to worry about your foundation but if you termite and waterproof foundations, expect those things to last around 10 … Read more How Long Should Your Homes Components Last

New Year, New Season

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Pink Slime In Your Bathroom

Pink Slime in Your Bathroom? The Basic Home Maintenance Series Pink Slime in your bathroom?  Here is an easy solution! How often? As Needed When? All Year Round Estimated Cost? < $1.00 Time Commitment? 1/2 Hour It’s a potential health hazard.  Get rid of it ASAP! Ever notice red or pink slime forming inside your … Read more Pink Slime In Your Bathroom