Cleaning Toilets Can Be a Thing of The Past

Okay, not many of us look forward to cleaning the toilet.   It’s a messy job, takes up time, and needs to be done often.  Heck, I have a toilet that doesn’t get used much that needs to be cleaned from time to time.  When you consider multiple bathrooms in your house, you really do have to keep up with that cleaning.

Now consider if you don’t have to worry about that again.   I’m sure you’d agree that would be great.  I’ve been searching for years now, except other products either smelled awful, harmed the inside of the working parts of the toilet tank, or they didn’t work at all.

I ran across a great product that I found to solve those issues.  I believe I mentioned this on the show a while ago.  I’ll have to go back and confirm that, but I just thought about it and wanted to write it up.

The product goes inside the tank part of the toilet and literally takes about 5 minutes to put in.  It does not harm the inside working pieces of the toilet like other “tablets” you drop into the tank.  Nor does it make your toilet and bathroom smell like a public chlorinated swimming pool.  I always hated that.

The product is the Kaboom Scrub Free Continuous Clean system.  It’s brilliant.  It comes with a little container that you put these bromide tablets into.  You connect one side of this container to the water line off the fill valve and the other side to the inlet fill tube.  So, when you flush the toilet, water mixes with a little bromide which bypasses the internal parts of the tank and straight into the bowl, thus protecting the internal parts of the tank.  I have installed three of these systems in my house and I am getting at least 2+ months out of the tablets and the system works fantastically.  The toilet stays clean and sparkles. No damage to toilet parts and does not smell at all.  Wow!

So, I’m on to my next chore and not cleaning the toilet.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t mine skipping that.  Try it out and you can get it here.  Get the refills too!