Reseal Grout

Reseal Grout

The Basic Maintenance Series

Reseal grout

Grout, being porous, can quickly collect liquids, bacteria, and debris if not properly sealed and cleaned.  Re-sealing grout can extend the life and appearance as grout can stain very easily.  To check if you need to reseal your grout, drop a few small drops on to your grout — if it puddles, you’re good (and you can skip this action for now).  If it, the grout absorbs it, it’s time to reseal.

How often? Every Six Months

When? Winter, Summer

Estimated Cost? $25.00

Time Commitment? 6 Hours

In the bathroom and areas where the tile gets wet use penetrating grout sealers.  Use a water base that penetrates the grout.

In the kitchen and other surfaces that don’t have standing water often, use a membrane forming grout sealer.

To apply grout sealer, first, tape any cabinets or baseboards to avoid staining them.  Use a foam paint brush or small paint roller and apply the sealer.  Avoid getting the sealer on the tiles.  If you do use a rag and wipe it off quickly as once the sealer dries you’ll be left with a foggy film that’s almost impossible to remove.

After the first coat, wait about 10-15 minutes, allowing the sealer to soak in (some products may need longer).  Apply a second coat and then let it dry.  For bathrooms and showers wait 24-48 hours to use it, the rest of the house the sealer should be good after about 3-4 hours.

To extend the life of the seal, avoid or minimize the use of harsh cleaners throughout the year.

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