Checking and Replacing Your Air Filters

Checking & Replacing HVAC Filters

The Basic Home Maintenance Series

Checking and Replacing your filters has a dramatic effect on your homes efficiency and comfort.  I’ve read various reports as well as had a ton of feedback from HVAC specialists on frequency here but the common answer is… it depends. If you have a couple of pets, kids, and you’re sensitive to allergens? Maybe 2-3 weeks. No pets and not sensitive? 60 days. Best bet is to check every 30 days.

How often? Monthly

When? All Year Round

Estimated Cost? $50.00

Time Commitment? 1 Hour

Replacing the filters not only improves the efficiency of your home but can make a noticeable difference in your air quality. But don’t forget the return air vent filter which I certainly have done. Your return air vent is most likely the only vent in your home that a filter is visible. They can be located on the ceiling and near the floor.

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