Range Vent Hood Upkeep

Range Vent Hood Upkeep

The Basic Home Maintenance Series

Keep your range vent hood running in tip-top shape so that it can do its job of keeping smoke and grease out of your kitchen. Proper maintenance of your hood will also reduce the risk of fire.

How often? Monthly

When? All Year Round

Estimated Cost? $0.00

Time Commitment? 1 Hour

Clean The Filter

The air filter is the part of your vent hood that removes particulates and smoke from the air before pushing it outside of your house or recirculating it. There are two kinds of filters: a metal filter and a charcoal filter. Both of these kinds of filters can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement.

For a metal filter, use a de-greasing solution and cover it completely — then clean it fully with warm soapy water. Charcoal filters will need to be replaced, but this can be done yearly.

De-grease & Clean The Entire Range Hood

Grease collects on the vent hood causing a fire hazard.  Grease fires are difficult to control. De-greasing your hood and vent reduces this risk by removing the grease (fuel for the fire). Spray or apply your de-greasing solution (white vinegar/water works great) to all non-electrical components and remove with a soapy sponge. De-greasing solutions can be as simple as white vinegar/water, or commercially available de-greasers such as Greased Lightning, ZEP De-Greaser, or any of the other choices available (and there are many). Use a microfiber cloth for a clean finish.

Don’t forget to de-grease the range while your at it! The de-greasing products will remove the grease from the range. This too, will reduce the risk of fire.

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