Clothes Dryer Maintenance

The Basic Home Maintenance Series

Beyond cleaning the lint trap between each use, the dryer is a simple appliance when it comes to general maintenance. This once-yearly action is easy and will prevent clogs and keep your efficiency high.

How often? Yearly

When? Summer

Estimated Cost? $0.00

Time Commitment? 1 Hour

Once a year, pull out the dryer and clean inside the dryer housing as well as cleaning through the dryer vent pipe with a brush or pipe cleaner.  Having the dryer vent cleaned helps to save energy by increasing efficiency and reduces the potential for a dryer fire by removing a fuel source. If you have access to an electric blower, you can brush the pipe out with a dryer vent brush (available at big box stores) and blow the vent from the inside out (the lint ends up outside where it is easier to clean up)

Cleaning the filter housing every month for excess lint with a vacuum hose is recommended as well.

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